Women Take a Leap of Faith on February 29

Miranda asked Steve in Sex and the City and Monica hit up Chandler in Friends but is it really fair to steal your man’s thunder when it comes to marriage proposal?

Centuries ago the British passed a law allowing women to propose marriage in a leap year. Since February 29 fixed a problem in the calendar, why not use it to fix an outdated custom! The decree stated that any man declining a leap year marriage proposal must pay a fine ranging from a kiss to several pairs of gloves or a silk dress. The perfect way for a clever girl to get a whole new wardrobe without spending a cent!

If your gent seems to be waiting for a certain shade of green then perhaps you should consider taking the bull by the horns on February 29. Sometimes if you want a job done properly girls, you just have to do it yourself.

(Image courtesy www.supergiftplace.com)