Backyard Bliss for Brisbane Love Birds

As much as I love a big fat greek wedding will all the frills and distant cousins, I really admire a couple that can keep it low key and just get on with the core business of getting hitched.

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in September marrying one of the sweetest couples I have ever come across. Having both been married with children before, these two love birds tied the knot on their back deck in front of only their immediate family and a couple of good mates. The lack of formality took nothing away from the meaning of the ceremony as these family and friends joked, laughed and even had a bit of a cry throughout. It was a lovely wedding to be a part of and I must admit I teared up a bit myself, which is a bit of an occupational hazard!

When all was said and done I left the newly blended family taking “official” wedding photos of Mr and Mrs Ingram on their mobile phones before settling into a Sunday BBQ in the backyard. It certainly had me wondering whether the hubby and I would have had just as memorable a wedding day if we invited our parents and siblings to a backyard ceremony and cleverly paid all the money we saved off the mortgage…